Tron Pulls its Developers Guide After Massive Backlash

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Justin Sun and his Tron network have truly put their foot in it, and the crypto community is throwing a ton of abuse at the pair. No, we’re not referring to the alleged partnerships Tron has recently formed, but instead its developers guide. Launched over the weekend, the developers guide was pulled within a matter of hours. Usually a developer guide explains how to develop a dApp to launch on the network as well as how to fork the network and use it to build new creations. However, the Tron developer guide was simply a list of exchanges where people can buy the TRX token…

The Biggest Mess to Date?

Justin Sun is known as the spin master, being one of the most proficient marketers the world as ever seen. Ex-Tron employees called out Tron for not being able to handle the massive traffic that the BitTorrent network tie-up would produce, and it’s looking very much like it would well be the case. If that wasn’t enough for Tron, late last year, Justin Sun tested investor faith by claiming a new partnership which turned out to be false. Sun and his Tron project are seriously testing their investors, and it’s looking more and more like Tron could just be one huge scam.

The Tesla Competition That Never Happened

Earlier this year, Justin Sun ran a competition to give away a Tesla Roadster – how cool is that! However, in true Tron and Justin Sun style, the competition once again turned out to be a complete joke. The first winner that was selected turned out to be a bot, and the second winner was refused the car. Eventually the second winner was promised a car, but the plot thickened. SharkCIA crypto analyst John Galt smelt a rat (unsurprisingly) and investigated the draws for the 88 cash prize winners as well as the Tesla cock up, suggesting that the IP hashes and time stamps showed that the 88 winners were “clearly the same person”. This went down as another huge loss for Tron and Sun – both of whom lost massive credibility.

After pulling its fake developer guide, Tron and Sun are both beginning to look like the scammers they truly are. The project is falling apart at the seams and it’s only a matter of time before the true extent of the scam comes to light. If you’re a Tron hodler, you might want to think carefully about dropping those tokens like a lead turd.