Three Ways to Make Use of a Bear Market

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Bear markets are a pretty horrible experience all round, especially for first timers
  • Unless you’re a professional standard trader there’s no point in trying to outwit the market
  • There are things you can do during a bear market that will help you next time round

Bear markets are a pretty torrid experience for those who have never gone through them before, but they don’t have to be. Here are three ways to make use of the time that is suddenly available now that you don’t have to bother staring at charts all day.

Have a Twitter Purge

A bear market is a good time to purge all those people you follow that are constantly saying that the bottom is in, that one 10% move is the start of the next cycle, or that the moon still awaits. These people clearly have no idea that bear markets are longer and more brutal than anyone can imagine – they are designed to grind you down and make you lose interest.

Ditch these moonboys and, if you must, replace them with people who are much more rational about the bear market and who actually offer useful information that allow you to form your own opinion rather than just swallowing someone else’s.

Study History

This doesn’t mean study actual history (unless you want to of course, which would be a very useful way to spend a boring bear market), but more particularly the history of past bull markets. What signs were there that they were about to start? What cycles or patterns can you spot that you can look out for next time around?

Any intelligence you can gather from prior bull markets that you can put into the next one could make you a fortune.

Stockpile Your Ammunition

Bear markets are the time when you should be doing all you can to build up your funds for the next bull market. This of course is easier said than done when every penny is going on basic survival, but you have about a year or so to free up as much cash as possible to lay down when the market goes into full on god candle mode.

Set some price alerts but otherwise just ignore the charts and get working. Even a few hundred dollars in the right shitcoin can be a life changing amount of money.

Ignore the Bear or Learn From It

There are of course other ways to spend your time in a bear market, but many use the opportunity to get away from crypto for a bit and focus on other things in order to come back fresh. Bear markets are designed to grind you down, so don’t let them. The best way to beat the bear is to either ignore it or learn from it.