BitBoy Crypto Can’t Sue Celsius Because of Promotion Ties

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  • BitBoy Crypto has been told he can’t start a lawsuit against Celsius because he promoted it
  • The influencer earned money from when followers put their money in Celsius
  • Both their money, and BitBoy Crypto’s, is now locked on the platform

A well known and heavily criticised cryptocurrency influencer has been told he can’t lead a class action lawsuit against Celsius because he took their money promoting them. BitBoy Crypto, real name Ben Armstrong, frequently posted his affiliate link for Celsuis to his followers on his various outlets, which earned him money every time a follower added funds to the platform. However, since Celsuis froze all accounts a week ago BitBoy Crypto has been leading a charge to get his money back…only to be told that he can’t mount the challenge because of a conflict of interest.

BitBoy Crypto Shilled Celsius to Followers

BitBoy Crypto has been accused of losing his followers money by supporting scammy projects and dumping on them at the top of a spike. One reviewer of his content even accused him of stealing other YouTubers’ work and passing it off as his own. It is with not a small amount of schadenfreude then that the crypto space observed BitBoy Crypto himself revealing that all the money he made from shilling Celsius, which of course was earned by others locking their money up on the platform, has now been…locked up by the platform.

Celsius is partially responsible for the sub-$20,000 collapse of Bitcoin in the past week, locking withdrawals and looking for a “resolution” that will see users get at least some of their funds back. These users include many sent there by BitBoy Crypto, who now, thanks to his paid advice, no longer have access to their money.

Conflict of Interest Sounds Irony Klaxon

BitBoy crypto seems to have tried to put things right by offering to start a class action lawsuit (wow, what a guy), but he revealed over the weekend that he has no legal footing on which to do so:

The fallout from the failed legal threat has been…predictable:

Of course, we at FullyCrypto hope that everyone using Celsius gets compensation commensurate to their level of investment, but…you know…if certain specific people don’t make it then that’s unfortunate.