The Week Ahead in Crypto – 25/02-03/03

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The coming week promises to be an exciting one for the crypto world, and for three tokens in particular, with two mainnets, a busy conference and a rather well known upgrade slated to take place. We could see some nice price action as a result, so without further delay, let’s tuck into this week’s crypto calendar and see what all the fuss is about.

February 25– IOST Mainnet

Internet of Services Token (IOST) kicks off the week by launching v1.0 of their mainnet, no doubt to the delight of their followers. IOST is one of the plethora of ultra-high speed decentralized blockchain networks hoping to rival existing centralized networks for business and set the bar for speed, scalability and security. Oddly enough there are barely any mentions of the huge event on their Twitter page. You wouldn’t see this with Justin Sun, that’s for sure.

February 25-28 – Mobile World Congress 2019, Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress 2019 might not seem like the kind of place you would naturally find cryptocurrency projects, but as we saw with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with its private key vault, the two technologies are merging. It’s no surprise therefore to find WanChain (WAN), Electroneum (ETN), Sirin Labs (SRN) and Rivetz (RVT) all present at the conference. Most excitingly, Sirin Labs will be allowing users to get their hands on a Finney phone for the first time, so we wait to see how the phone, with its built-in crypto wallet, goes down.

February 27 – Ethereum Constantinople Fork

It’s been in the works for what seems like years, it’s suffered numerous delays (most recently 48-hours before it was supposed to go live), but Wednesday February 27 is supposed to be the day that Ethereum (ETH) undergoes its Constantinople upgrade. You can read more about what it means in our article covering the switch, but the move (which is NOT a hard ford) marks the first step in Ethereum’s plan to move from a Proof-of-Work algorithm to a Proof-of-Stake one. Watch out for potential price action in the run up.

February 28 – Matrix AI Network Mainnet

Matrix AI Network (MAN) suffered an 18% drop in price back in December when they announced that their mainnet had been delayed, but two months on they’re gearing up for the big one again. Matrix AI is an intelligent blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system that blends artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology to develop a super-fast, flexible and secure service, and is said to be the fastest decentralized blockchain around. Unlike IOST they have been gearing up for the launch of their mainnet, where it is rumored that they will be announcing some partners that have been kept under NDAs until this very event. Watch this space!

All Eyes on Ethereum

With respect to Rivetz and Electroneum, all eyes will be on Ethereum this week to see if they can finally pull of the Constantinople upgrade or if there will be any last minute issues once again. If they can, no doubt the team will breathe a huge sigh of relief, before going back to work on Casper. Have a great week!