Su Zhu Obtains Restraining Order Against Arthur Hayes

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  • Su Zhu has obtained a restraining order against Arthur Hayes
  • Hayes has been mocking Zhu and demanding $6 million back that Hayes says he is owed from Three Arrow Capital
  • The former Bitmex CEO is not allowed to contact Zhu or use abusive or threatening words about him

Su Zhu, the co-founder of the collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Captial (3AC), has obtained a restraining order against former Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes after the latter perpetually asked for $6 million of his money back. Hayes claims that Zhu and his partner Kyle Davies owe him the money as a result of the collapse of 3AC and has been pestering them both on Twitter, leading to Zhu taking action. As a result, Hayes is not allowed to issue insulting or abusive communications that may cause Zhu alarm, harassment, or distress.

Hayes Goes on the Offensive

Hayes, in typical style, has not been backwards in coming forward about the money he says that Zhu and Davies owe him, using everything from oysters to coin listings to demand that the pair repay him. 3AC was among the biggest early casualties of the crypto contagion, owing more than $1 billion when it collapsed in July last year, with Hayes seemingly among the creditors.

The pair have since launched Open Exchange, which trades in claims on defunct crypto entities, such as those that the collapse of 3AC helped precipitate. Hayes has taken time out of his day to criticize and mock Zhu and Davies ’ attempts to raise funds for Open Exchange, demanding his money back at every turn:

Hayes has also made vague threats based on purported knowledge of where Xhu living:

Hayes has also mocked their acumen in the crypto space, making fun of Zhu’s comments in a Bloomberg interview that he didn’t realize that LUNA could have crashed to zero so quickly, and has even been using the pair’s Open Exchange Twitter account to continue the harassment:

Zhu, having clearly had enough, went to court to stop Hayes from being allowed to say such nasty things. The judge sided with Zhu and prohibited Hayes from communicating with Zhu by any means and publishing any identifying information about him. He is also banned from using abusive or threatening words towards Zhu, although no doubt Hayes will find a way.