Something Big is Happening on January 3rd 2020 – What Is It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

January 3rd is a huge day in the crypto world, as it’s the anniversary of the mining of the Bitcoin genesis block. Satoshi Nakamoto mined this block himself, kickstarting the entire Bitcoin network. The genesis block is shrouded with mystery as Nakamoto mined the block using an unusual set of characteristics. Now, on the 11th anniversary of the genesis block being mined, we’re expecting a huge reveal that could possibly be the world’s first quantum computer based on Bitcoin!

It all Started on June 19th 2018…

On June 19th 2018 at 15:32:27 we saw block 528,249 mined with what appeared to be a vanity hash. In the “vanity hash” we saw 21e800 make an appearance, a rather symbolic string of characters to the crypto community. There is only a 0.4% chance of this happening naturally, meaning it looks as if someone with an incredible amount of hash power managed to create this vanity hash.

In the vanity hash, 21 could very well represent the 21 million Bitcoin that can ever exist – unless Bitcoin hard forks and increases the supply cap – and e8 relates to the e8 theory of everything used in theoretical physics. Finally, the 00 could related to the 2 extra 0s that were in Satoshi’s genesis block – after he increased the difficulty for himself for that one block.

Okay, What Does That Have to do with Anything?

Here’s where things get a little spooky. When block 528,249 was mined, displayed an image of the e8 theory in Bitcoin orange with a Bitcoin logo in the center. Now, the website simply displays a countdown timer that expires on – you guessed it – January 3rd 2020. There is no other information available on the website, but something strange was happening over at the mysterious website. The DEOS project is run by a Bitcoin code contributor by the name of Andrew DeSantis. The domain was showing the exact same e8 theory puzzle, until DeSantis set the domain to redirect to his Twitter profile.


DeSantis is allegedly working on a top-secret crypto project that is aiming to build a quantum computer built around Bitcoin. If DeSantis has indeed managed to perfect his design and build the quantum computer – most likely a giant Bitcoin mining rig with an incredible amount of power – then he could very well have created block 528,249 with the vanity hash.

Will Something Spectacular Happen?

For now, all of this is very circumstantial – meaning we could see another shitcoin with an epic marketing strategy pop onto the market. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a countdown promise so much and turn out to be a letdown. Back in May, promised to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto once the timer reached zero, but it turned out to be a spammy crypto news website unveiling. There is a huge chance this could happen again, but with so many links to DEOS and DeSantis, we’re putting our money on it being something huge.

When Satoshi mined the genesis block, he cranked up the difficulty to a level that would have taken a top of the range CPU just over 4 days to solve. Satoshi mined the block in just over 4 minutes, meaning he either lucked out or had access to some super-powerful technology. All of this could end up being a big coincidence, but it could turn out to be the biggest game-changer of the crypto era.

Could we see Satoshi Nakamoto finally reveal him or herself, or we could see a quantum computing Bitcoin mining rig? Either way, we can’t wait for January!