Sending Messages to Bitcoin Address is Great Fun and Easy too!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • If you want to send custom messages in your Bitcoin transactions then you will love this guide
  • Learn how to send custom messages in your Bitcoin transactions using a cool app and an Electrum wallet
  • Bitcoin transactions with custom messages are fun, fast and cheap to do

If you’re new to the Bitcoin world, then you’re going to have more questions than you can count. One we see popping up from time to time is how on earth it’s possible to send custom messages in Bitcoin transactions.

Well, you’d be glad to know that it’s actually super easy and it’s pretty cheap too. You can do it from any wallet, but Electrum is the easiest to do it with. So, if you want to send custom messages in your Bitcoin transactions, go get yourself an Electrum wallet and read on!

Pick Your Tool of Choice

Now, while we know there are going to be total beginners out there wanting to do this, there will also be a few more experienced users looking to have some fun. You can either opt to do this manually or you can do it using a tool. If you go the manual route, it can get a little time consuming, so we do recommend using a tool.

We’re going to teach you how to do it using BTCMessage, simply because it’s quick, cheap and simple to use. So, head on over to the BTCMessage app and get ready to make the coolest transactions ever!

Find Someone to Pay

First up, you’re going to want to find someone to pay. You can send this cool message to absolutely anyone, whether it’s your dog walker, your housekeeper, your best friend or a charity of your choice. Start out by pasting their address in the Recipient Address box. Make sure that the address is correct as some hacks out there will spoof your pate feature.

It’s Time for the Message

Now for the fun part, the message. In the Message box, type out anything you want to say. Whether it’s a shopping list for the mrs, a thankyou note to an organization for helping or your favorite FullyCrypto article, you can write anything you want to. Obviously, try to keep it clean and we don’t endorse harassment when using this feature.

Copy the Output and Away You Go

Once you’re happy with the message, input how much you want to pay the person and copy the transaction outputs. Then head on over to your wallet of choice, click payment or send, paste in the transaction outputs into the recipient field, check that everything is good to go and hit send.

Once the transactions have been processed in a block, you will then be able to see the messages when you copy the transaction ID and search it in a block explorer. This does cost a fair few sats, 0.0000543 is the minimum for a Bitcoin output, but if you want to have a bit of fun and don’t mind wasting some BTC in the process, then it’s a pretty cool tool.

You can make messages in Bitcoin transactions many other ways, but this is by far the most exciting and the coolest way to show off to your new Bitcoin mate just how techy you are!