Opinion: Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Is Underappreciated

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Ever since he discovered Bitcoin, Roger Ver has been an evangelist. Like many early Bitcoiners, he used to give the cryptocurrency away all the time.

Bitcoin Jesus

His fellow big block enthusiast, Gavin Andresen, started the first Bitcoin “faucet,” a way that people could get free Bitcoin every hour. They used to get .25 and up.

Before he split with supporters of Bitcoin Core, who Ver felt were suppressing dissent in the Bitcoin subreddit, he was known as “Bitcoin Jesus.”

Ver is one of the first investors to come out of the Bitcoin space, having funded companies like Blockchain.com in the early days.

One doesn’t have to look far for people who have unkind words for Ver these days, though.

It’s true, though. Ver does still support Bitcoin, he just prefers Bitcoin Cash. Nevertheless, he reportedly still owns a lot of Bitcoin, and a lot of Bitcoin Cash as well.

For those who’ve been using Bitcoin long enough, Bitcoin Cash is a reminder of the way things used to be. Someone has an address, you pay them.

There’s a fee, sure, but it’s nothing to worry about. In Bitcoin Cash, it’s not much at all. In Bitcoin, it can be over $1 with ease.

If you prefer the old ways, then Bitcoin Cash is just more appealing. Then you look at Bitcoin.com, and there’s a wide range of services built on Bitcoin Cash. A peer-to-peer market, a gambling section, and so much more.

BItcoin.com is another company that Roger Ver has built. While it’s geared toward Bitcoin Cash, it still supports Bitcoin, and has Bitcoin news.

Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, Craig Wright, and many others believed a split from Bitcoin was necessary, since the people in control of Bitcoin have decided against including a blocksize increase. Instead, they rely on a second-layer solution called Lighting Network.

Bitcoin Cash will likely still use second layer solutions, but they won’t be built on tiny blocks.

Craig Wright didn’t take long to want to split ways again, and found Bitcoin SV, which has not managed to hold a place on markets or in the rankings. Bitcoin SV has an unnecessary amount of space, having so few transactions it doesn’t need even the Bitcoin 1MB.

Roger Ver has stuck with Bitcoin Cash, and he’s occasionally had to argue in favor of it.

In my opinion, he destroyed Tone Vays in that debate.

Whatever your opinion of Roger Ver, there doesn’t seem to be any need to be mean to him. He’s sincere in his beliefs, and he lives by them. That’s led him to be a supporter of Bitcoin Cash, and you might be surprised to learn that he’s far from the only one. Bitcoin Cash has a vibrant community around the world.

And that’s in large part thanks to Roger Ver.