Revain is Changing the Way We Review the Blockchain World

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When looking to use a product or service, most people head straight for online reviews to get the real story on its quality. Consumers feel comfortable reading reviews and basing their opinions of the brand on what they read. However, businesses are starting to catch on and many are creating fake reviews or paying customers to write good reviews. Revain is using AI and blockchain technology to change this, giving consumers the ability to rely on reviews being truthful once again.

Machine Learning at its Finest

Revain’s deep learning AI system is built upon IBM’s Watson, meaning its machine learning and AI capacity is far beyond anything being used currently in this space. The platform’s AI algorithms will learn how genuine reviewers write, their social styles, and it will quickly learn to differentiate a genuine review from a spam review. It will then rate the review based on a number of key factors. This will go towards determining the positioning of a company on its review dashboard – the higher the better, so stop faking reviews.

Earn Cash by Reviewing Products

People are incentivized to use the platform and review their favorite companies in the form of Revain tokens. Once the AI system has evaluated the usefulness and authenticity of your review, it will then award you a certain number of Revain tokens based on your review’s score – not a bad way to make some cash on the side if you like helping others.

DREP Helping Stomp Out Fake News

While false reviews are harming the crypto industry by promoting scam projects, fake news is also starting to take its toll on the sector. However, with a similar goal in mind to that of Revain, DREP is seeking to stomp out fake news by implementing a community rating system for news providers. This means that communities will be able to vote on whether they think news is real or fake, and if a user is repeatedly marked as a fake news source, it will harm its ability to reach audiences.

Scams Scaring the Community

Scams are starting to scare and harm the crypto community, so by having AI verified reviews, it will go some way to help calm those nerves. Recently MapleChange was “hacked” but the evidence is pointing towards an exit scam. If these were the intentions of the platform from day one, there is a good chance an AI review system could have helped prevent so many people from getting burnt.
This new AI system from Revain looks like it could be a total game changer, but in order for it to work companies need to sign up. No matter how good its tech is, if people just aren’t using it then it’s like a tumbleweed drifting past an empty saloon.