PwC Luxembourg to Accept Bitcoin from Clients as Payment

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More and more big-name firms are starting to accept cryptocurrency payments, as well as build products and services on top of well-known blockchains. In a shock move, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Luxembourg has announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin from its clients to cover their costs, stating that it believes in the underlying technology and that it will eventually become the global standard.

Accepting Crypto as of October

From October 1, PwC Luxembourg clients will be able to pay their bills in Bitcoin and fiat, with the view to add other big-name cryptocurrencies in the near future. PwC appreciates Bitcoin’s tumultuous life so far and has worked closely with local regulators and exchanges to ensure a smooth and easy process for clients looking to pay in BTC.

Big Four Firms Turning to Crypto

PwC has a huge selection of blockchain-based products and it builds all of its products on top of the VeChain network. Thanks to VeChain’s incredible prowess in terms of transaction time, flexibility and durability, PwC is able to offer its clients an almost unparalleled experience. Deloitte is another big four firm that has recently swapped to VeChain. Until May, Deloitte was using the Ethereum blockchain for its blockchain products and services, but as it looks to keep up with PwC, Deloitte eventually swapped over to VeChain.

Crypto Adoption Booming

As PwC moves to accept Bitcoin, the global level of Bitcoin adoption is steadily growing. Thanks to a boost from Visa and MasterCard – both of whom increased their fees – North America is set to record its largest year of adoption growth since Bitcoin was launched 10 years ago. Whether PwC Luxembourg will follow in the footsteps of the popular CoinCorner exchange and pay its staff in Bitcoin is still yet to be seen, but it could be something that happens in the very near future – especially if clients take a liking to this payment method.

This is a huge move from PwC, as it becomes the first of the big four to accept crypto as a payment method. Over the coming months, we could very well see the other big four firms follow suit and start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos in a bid to keep pace with PwC. The competition is fierce between the group when it comes to blockchain solutions, so we can expect the same level of competition when it comes to adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in their own businesses.