Orchid Labs Announces Successful $43 Million funding Round

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Orchid labs has been hard at work developing its various apps in a bid to help built a natural and control free internet. Orchid works like a VPN that uses multiple hops to secure and increase privacy for its users. As well as the VPN, Orchid has developed a range of smart contracts and applications that control bandwidth allocation – preventing ISPs from throttling connections. In its latest private funding round, Orchid raised a cool $43 million to carry on developing its platform.

Creating a Natural Internet

Censorship and government-imposed restrictions are all features of the internet as most people know it. A once open and free ecosystem full of knowledge is now being controlled by a few individuals and governments. Orchid Labs is helping to restore control and balance of power by developing cryptographic protocols that allow Orchid users to access any information on the web, securely and privately. Users of the app can buy bandwidth and VPN connectivity using Ethereum Probabilistic Micropayments – a rather nice touch for a cryptographic product.

Gab Getting Excited

Censorship and centralization is the bane of many companies lives, and Gab knows this pain too well. In a bid to skirt round the censorship, Gab has created its own browser based on the Brave Browser code. Earlier this month, Gab forked the Brave code and made tweaks and changes to help create the perfect browser for its clients who promote freedom of speech. However, the move didn’t go down too well with Brave, who’s CEO hit out at Gab by saying: “Answer this: what kind of parasite forks an open source browser to get an extension distributed to people who can already work around silly AppStore bans? Brave is for users who dare to take back control of their data. Some who wants a detached comment system can use Dissenter.”

Censorship is Everywhere We Turn

These controls put in place are not just plaguing the internet, but they are slowly leaking into all facets of life. Last year, Rockstar Games launched its highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, but certain controls in the game angered crypto users. Players were banned from naming their horse “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum”, with the game calling these names “profanities”. Simple censorship like this is only scratching the surface of the problem Orchid is trying to solve. Look at the porn bank in the UK – it’s simply ludicrous.

The successful funding round for Orchid highlights the world’s frustration with censorship and for anyone looking to escape the shackles of oppression should sign up for the early Beta release!