NFT News Roundup – 19/03/2022

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This week our NFT roundup features Warner Bros swinging into the game, Instagram onboarding, and ApeCoin rewarding the rich. Let’s get started.

Warner Bros and DC Comics Release NFT Hybrid Cards

Warner Brothers has released a DC Comics Trading Cards collection which can also be redeemed as NFTs. Designed by card and board game company Cartamundi, the launch of the cards, which features 150 different superheroes in the DC canon, is a move by Warner Brothers to tap into the emerging NFT market and comes almost a year to the day since Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs, Jay Kogan, announced the move.

Instagram: NFTs Are Coming

Mark Zuckerberg this week confirmed rumors that Instagram is preparing to integrate NFTs into its platform. Speaking at the SXSW conference, the Meta CEO said that the personal confidence-destroying platform was working on bringing NFTs “in the near term” but stopped short of giving any details.

Zuckerberg would only say that he was “hopeful” of a function launching in the coming months but was “not ready to kind of announce exactly what that’s going to be today.”

Yuga Labs Drops ApeCoin on BAYC Holders

Yuga Labs dominated crypto Twitter this week by announcing that it was helping to enrich already loaded individuals rewarding Bored Ape holders for their loyalty with an ApeCoin (APE) airdrop. Major exchanges supported the launch, which saw the coin briefly touch $40 on Coinbase before dropping back to $6.

The ApeCoin DAO will retain the lion’s share of the APE supply, with only 6% of the one billion coins allocated to the ApeCoin community and 5% available for Bored Ape Yacht Club holders to claim. The remainder will remain on exchanges for the public.

DappRadar Report Highlights Market Trends

DappRadar’s most recent report has highlighted three of the most interesting NFT collections around today that are picking up steam in the market:

Invisible Friends: The 5,000-strong collection debuted on February 23 at 0.25 ETH each and saw floor prices max out at 12.5 ETH before stabilizing at 7.3 ETH, a 3,000% increase from the original launch price.

3Landers: This 10,000-strong asset collection was launched on February 21 and rose to become the 15th most traded collection with over $53 million in sales. The floor price has risen by an impressive 980% in recent weeks.

Tubby Cats: Tubby Cats, which has 20,000 fat cats in its collection, debuted at 0.1 ETH apiece but has since risen to 4.1 ETH.

That’s All Folks

That’s all for this week’s NFT roundup. We’ll see you next Saturday for another collection of the hottest stories in the week in the world of non-fungibles.