Next Week in Crypto – 05/13/19-05/19/19

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Next week in crypto sees a little-known meetup called Consensus, a first look at a charity blockchain project, a wallet removing Bitcoin Cash SV support, and an event in Berlin to find out how out how soon our kitchen appliances are all going to connect with each other and end humanity. My money’s on the toaster.

May 13-15 – Minimum Viable Product, GoHelpFund

GoHelpFund (HELP), a charity project that aims to offer “transparent humanitarian fundraising”, should have its minimum viable product (MVP) out for release in the early part of this week. The vision for the project is a kind of decentralized gofundme (you get it now?) with an app that shows the charitable causes that good Samaritans can contribute to through the HELP token, making sure the proceeds get to where they need to be, thanks to the transparency that blockchain offers. Certainly a project, and a cause, worth your time.

May 13-15 – Consensus, New York

The crypto world’s biggest get together gets together next week, and despite rumors that only 4,000 or the 9,000 tickets have been sold, Consensus 2019 it will still be a huge event, with speakers from crypto and non-crypto backgrounds coming together to boast about buying the bottom and seeing what the next 12 months holds for blockchain. Tickets are still, er, available for the event, being held at the New York Hilton Midtown, where organizers Coinbase will be hoping they make enough back to cover the venue hire. Don’t expect champagne this year – we’re not in 2017 anymore Dorothy.

May 15 – Blockchain Wallet Removes Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision

Online crypto wallet Blockchain is removing support for Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision, so if you’re crazy enough to still be holding any right now you’d better swap it out ship it off the platform before Wednesday or you’ll end up with a hole where it used to be.

May 15-16 – Bosch Connected World, Berlin

Bosch, who are already making strides in the world of connected devices thanks to their partnership with IOTA, host a Connected World conference in Berlin over two days, with the focus being on “IoT and digital transformation”. As you’d expect there will be plenty of speakers from Bosch itself, but there will also be representatives from Jaguar Land Rover, Amazon Web Services, 3M, Daimler, and many more on hand to offer their thoughts on the inexorable rise of smart devices. Tickets are still available for anyone who has a hot date and nowhere to take her.

A Week is a Long Time in Crypto

That sums up this week’s key events. If you’re going to Consensus don’t forget to rent a Lambo first, and if you’re going to the Bosch Connected World event, be nice to the equipment. You never know when it might turn on you.