Netflix Working on Altcoin Documentary for 2019 Release

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Back in 2017, Netflix released a documentary all about Bitcoin, called Banking on Bitcoin. After the huge success of the film, Netflix has decided to work on a follow-up that takes us deep into the world of altcoins – presumably to give us all a rounded view of the crypto world. For now, not many details have been leaked, but we do know a little bit about the new Netflix series that we’re going to be binge-watching.

Interviews with Altcoin Project Leaders

It wouldn’t be a Netflix documentary if there weren’t any interviews, and Netflix has allegedly picked out some interesting candidates to talk about their projects and the altcoin world. We’re expecting to see Vitalik Buterin, Da Hongfei, Charles Hoskinson, and Justin Sun all make an appearance in the documentary at some point. If the documentary has been well researched, it could prove as an interesting window into the altcoin world for those who rarely take a second glance at it.

Altcoins Going Mainstream

Altcoins rose to fame during the 2017 bull run, with many gaining more than 100x value over the space of a few weeks. Since then, altcoin markets have shrunk considerably, but the projects are still incredibly popular. This combined with new altcoin projects spawning from well-known entities like JP Morgan and Facebook has helped the altcoin market become a top talking point among everyday people. Facebook’s Libra altcoin is causing quite the stir in the mainstream media and even in government, but the general public is lapping up this new world of cryptocurrencies.

Alt Season is Close… We Can Feel It

As the impressive Bitcoin rally starts to wane and pull back into an accumulation phase, the altcoin markets seem to boom. Last week saw Bitcoin fall more than $1,500 in a few hours, dragging wider crypto markets along with it. However, now Bitcoin has stabilized we’re seeing altcoins rise in price in a similar vein to 2017. We’re expecting to see an episode on the wonders of altcoins and their behavior – in terms of price – covered in one of the Netflix episodes.

The new Netflix altcoin documentary has yet to receive a release date, but we’re expecting it to launch later on this year. The series could help shed light onto the altcoin markets, making alt season even more spectacular for those taking part. Markets love a bit of FOMO, so if Netflix can deliver the goods, we could see crazy bullish altcoin markets as we slide into 2020.