MoonDoge Review

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Dogecoin was born from the infamous Doge meme, and has since gone on to become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies around. A raft of businesses are now accepting Dogecoin – including a number of top notch crypto casinos. Dogecoin is on the rise once more and what better way to celebrate than by getting your hands on some free DOGE. It’s as simple as logging in and waiting for your rewards with the help of MoonDoge.

Part of the Moon brand, MoonDodge is a reliable, effective and quick way to build up your portfolio and get your hands on free Dogecoin.


  • High payouts
  • Great bonuses
  • Easy to use site


  • Lots of redirects
  • Slow site
  • Service often unavailable

User Interface

MoonDoge promotes adverts from Mellow Ads, meaning the site can often take a while to load – especially on slower internet connections. That being said, MoonDoge isn’t totally weighed down ads to the point where the site is unusable. Navigating the site is largely painless too, so you can be up and running fairly quickly.

Unlike most other Moon free crypto faucets, you don’t need a CoinPot account to claim your rewards. With MoonDoge, you can get your free Dogecoin simply by entering your Doge wallet address – a nice touch from the team at Moon.

moon dogecoin 1

The Payout

Like we mentioned above, you can choose whether you get your free Dogecoin paid directly into your Dogecoin wallet or into your CoinPot account. You can increase your free Dogecoin by a cool 300% if you take full advantage of the daily loyalty bonus, referral bonuses, and mystery bonuses. To fully maximize your free Dogecoin potential, you’re going to want to leave your Dodgecoin sat on the site as long as possible. You can pull out a smaller amount after 5 minutes, but the bonuses reset. It works best if you leave the website running for a few hours.

moon dogecoin 2


MoonDoge isn’t the best looking free Dogecoin faucet site around. In fact, its design is a mess in places, largely as there are a considerable number of ads on the site. Due to this crowded layout, the site can take a significant amount of time to load on slower internet connections or connections where your ISP actively throttles your connection. There is a lot of information available, but many links are broken and don’t appear to lead anywhere. As a plus, BitStarz News didn’t discover any ytraces of crypto mining scripts lurking in the background, so it should be relatively safe faucet to use at minimum.

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MoonDoge Rating

The Verdict

MoonDoge is a quick and easy way to get your hands on free Dogecoin, but it’s crowded with ads and feels far too clunky at times. Despite this, the two payout options – CoinPot and Doge wallet – are a nice touch that earns it a couple of extra points in our book.

  • 7/10
    User Interface - 7/10
  • 9/10
    The Payouts - 9/10
  • 3/10
    Performance - 3/10