CZ Tweet Sees Thousands of Bagholders Take to the Shills

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Binance CEO CZ has received 5,200 replies to a tweet explaining how fed up he is with people who shill their tokens to him
  • The shilling “vent” tweet explained how such replies “are usually ignore”
  • Repliers seemed to think that CZ was asking them for recommendations

It’s something that anyone who has spent any time in the crypto space will recognize all too well – a tweet from a prominent crypto personality is followed by hundreds of replies all shilling their favorite project, or more likely their bags. It’s got to the point where Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tweeted an opportunity for shillers to do their worst on the proviso that “you DON’T shill coins in my other posts”. It seems however that some didn’t quite read the subtext, and what followed was carnage.

5,200 Replies and Counting

At the time of writing, CZ’s tweet has over 5,200 replies. That’s 5,200 people each shilling their own pet project. Some have simply mentioned the ticker and seemingly expect him to do all the work. Others have taken the time to write a few sentences about the project, telling CZ that it is, variously, “about to explode worldwide in the next months”, “one of the best recently launched projects”, or that “Today launch mainnet and seems ok!”.

These more detailed explanations are somehow worse – at least those who only state the ticker didn’t waste any more time on something that will get lost in the slush pile.

Some write as if CZ asked them specifically to shill their favorite project, thanking him for giving them the chance to do so. Others take the polite route, with one stating that, “We know you are very busy launching wonderful services” before undermining his perceived busyness by asking him to look into their shitcoin.

Are You (Not) Reading Me?

All these people expect the CEO of the crypto world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange to go through each tweet, find the project the ticker relates to, research it, and consider its listing viability. Oh, and he also needs to keep a tally chart so he doesn’t research the same project twice.

The numbers too, are staggering. There really are people out there who read the tweet, saw that it had 5,150 responses and still thought, ‘yeah, he’ll read mine’ and posted to CZ about how their nonsense scam token “should be a MUST thing on your list”.

What is also amazing is that this many people completely failed to read between the lines. CZ specifically said that the tweet was a place to “vent” – an invitation to all the relentless shillers to basically get off their chest once and for all what they wanted to sell him and never bother him again. It was a tweet that said ‘say what you have to say and f**k off’, and yet over 5,200 people took this as a genuine invitation to let them talk about the wonderful project they were underwater on.

CZ is a Busy, Busy Man

CZ even said in the tweet that replies featuring token shills are “usually ignore anyway”, but this didn’t stop thousands of people from thinking that this time, this time, they had his ear.

In case anyone is still in any doubt about CZ’s intentions with this tweet, let us spell it out:

  • His tweet was NOT a request for token suggestions
  • His tweet was NOT some kind of unofficial community vote
  • NO replies have been read, are being read, or will ever be read by CZ or anyone at Binance
  • You ARE wasting your time by banging on about your shitcoin to extremely busy billionaire CEOs

CZ knows as much as the next man (or probably more so) that anyone who promotes a token who is not part of the team is only doing it to enrich themselves. He is not a stupid man, but he is a very busy one, and the fact that a tweet that pretty much says ‘I don’t read replies so don’t bother replying’ gets 5,200 replies says all you need to know about the majority of people in the cryptocurrency space.