Lykke Moves to Delist KIN and Gives Update on XRP AirDrop

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Lykke will be dropping support for KIN by the end of december as it merges with Solana
  • Additionally, Lykke won’t be taking part in the FLR airdrop for XRP holders
  • You’ve got until Dec 30 to remove KIN from Lykke and until the 12th to move your XRP for the FLR airdrop

Lykke is one of the foremost cryptocurrency trading apps and wallets in Europe. Based in Switzerland, Lykke quickly became popular with Europeans looking to trade a range of cryptocurrencies at some of the best rates in the region.

However, following a merger between KIN and Solana, Lykke will be delisting KIN in the coming weeks. The popular exchange has also stated that it will not be participating in the Flare Network’s airdrop of Spark tokens for XRP holders.

Bye, Bye KIN

As many of you guys will remember, Kik announced that it will be migrating over to the Solana network, combining the power of the two chains. However, this means that KIN tokens will be swapped into SOL tokens during the migration. After this point, KIN tokens will no longer work. So, as the deadline approaches for all KIN tokens to be swapped into SOL, Lykke is delisting KIN. Delisting will begin on Friday, and KIN will be fully deactivated on the platform on December 30.

No XRP AirDrop

In other news, Flare Network is conducting an airdrop of its Spark token to XRP holders. This is expected to take place on December 12, but many exchanges are not supporting the drop. Lykke is one of those exchanges that won’t be supporting the airdrop. So, if you’re holding XRP on Lykke’s platform, you won’t see any of the new FLR tokens in your wallet. You’ll have to head to another exchange to get those.

A Big Month for Lykke

Lykke is full of announcements this month, and we’re only getting started. These are two huge events in the crypto world, so make sure you’ve swapped your KIN to SOL before the deadline, and make sure you get it off Lykke before December 30, otherwise you won’t be able to access it. If you want the FLR tokens, you’ll have to withdraw your XRP and head to another exchange with it for the time being.