Lykke is the Free Crypto Trading Platform You Need to Meet!

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Trading cryptocurrencies can incur quite a large amount of fees, especially when you tot up every percentage you end up paying. While there are a number of low-cost crypto exchanges that you can trade with, none of them quite measure up to the free crypto trading platform that is Lykke. Not only is Lykke completely free to trade on, it also has an incredible range of cryptocurrencies and tokens on offer – meaning you can be sure to find the tokens you care about.

Built with Love in Zug

Lykke has all the crypto credentials that you could ever need thanks to its home inside Switzerland’s crypto valley – Zug. The picturesque town of Zug has become the crypto capital of Switzerland, and is home to some of the biggest names in crypto. Currently, Switzerland is working on adjusting its laws to become even more welcoming towards crypto, meaning it’s the perfect place for a crypto trading platform to call home. If you’ve ever planning to visit the crypto valley, you can now pay for your stay at the Grand Dolder Hotel using your Bitcoin. Nestled in the hills above Lake Zug, you will have sweeping views of crypto valley when you wake up in the morning.

Zero Trading Fees!

The world of zero trading fees is slowly growing. Traditional stock trading platforms charge an absolute fortune for trades, so crypto exchanges are looking to break the mold and throw away the playbook from these antiquated firms. Back in July 2018, we saw Change launch its crypto trading platform that offered 0% fees for trades. While Change has been steadily growing, Lykke has come along with a similar fee model, but a much wider range of tradeable tokens. So, if you’re looking to trade one of the largest selections of cryptocurrencies, and tokens for free, you’re going to need Lykke in your life.

Quick and Easy to Use

Available on desktop, Android and iOS, you can trade cryptos from whichever device you prefer to use. Getting started only takes a handful of minutes as you create your account and set your profile up. You need to complete KYC to deposit, but that’s fairly standard for any crypto exchange these days. The KYC process is quick and smooth, so don’t panic and start patting yourself down like you do at the airport!

While there are withdrawal fees for cryptocurrencies, these are to cover the transaction fees incurred. You can deposit using a credit card, but there is a hefty 3.9% fee. It might not be the cheapest fiat on-ramp around, but the trading selection and fees are second to none. So, if you’re looking to try out a new crypto trading platform, Lykke is well worth a try!