Like Gaming? Get Paid to Play with This Epic Blockchain Shooter

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If you love cryptocurrencies and gaming – specifically first-person shooters – we think we have found something that’s going to be worth your attention. WAR FIELD gives players the ability to wager their Golder (GLDR) tokens on themselves and risk everything to win big. The alpha version of the game is available for PC, with mobile and console versions coming soon. Meshing together cryptocurrency and straight-up video gaming in a single package isn’t easy, but WAR FIELD looks to be firing on all cylinders!

Spend Crypto to Win Big

WAR FIELD’s Golder token is an ERC-20-compliant token, piggybacking on the Ethereum network. Players can spend their crypto on custom gear and character customizations through the in-game store. Transactions are managed through the blockchain network and player profiles are stored on-chain as well.
To play the game, users can buy Golder tokens via a variety of cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. Once a player has enough Golder tokens to stake on themselves in a match – similar to what you would find in a poker game – they are placed in a deathmatch style arena. From there the challenge is to come out all guns blazing, with players awarded the enemy combatants stake for eliminating them from the match.

Built Upon Experienced Foundations

What makes WAR FIELD so interesting is the team of experienced gamers, developers, and business minds behind it. This includes the likes of Adalberto Bruno (Electronic Arts), Tom Frisina (Bally Technologies, Electronic Arts, Imagination Park Entertainment, thatgamecompany), Dylan Sharkey (LinkedIn), Scott Shirley (Pro Gamer), and Benjamin Turshana (Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy). It’s safe to say that with this cross-industry crew in place WAR FIELD has quite the development pedigree.

An Ambitious Pipeline

This blockchain-based game was built with the Unity game engine, enabling it to become multiplatform. For those gamers who are diehard console fans, the wait isn’t long at all. The expected launch date on Xbox and PlayStation is May 2019. On top of that, WAR FIELD is due to launch on iOS and Android mid-February next year, so if you’re upgrading your smartphone soon, it’s time to get a larger screen. A whole host of new maps with different scenarios and terrains will be launched slowly throughout the 12-month roadmap, with the first landing on June 30th.
Are first-person shooters not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, WAR FIELD is expanding into a variety of genres. They decided to start with a first-person shooter, as the genre represents a $100 billion industry. Andrius Mironovskis – Founder and CEO of WAR FIELD – said in an interview, “We are starting with a shooter because these games command the largest market share in the industry.”
WAR FIELD isn’t the first company to enable players to spend their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies playing games. There are a whole host of crypto-gaming providers out there, but – as always – if you want premier gaming action, BitStarz should always be your first port of call!