‘Killer Whales’ Crypto Investment TV Show Coming This Year

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • A ‘Shark Tank’-style TV show aimed at Web 3.0 creators will launch later this year
  • Coinmarketcap is helping to fund Killer Whales, which will be created by Web 3.0 entertainment company Hello Labs
  • A panel of Web 3.0 “gods” will quiz creators and see if they want to invest

Once popular cryptocurrency data aggregator Coinmarketap has teamed up with Web 3.0 entertainment company Hello Labs to launch a ‘Shark Tank’-style crypto-themed reality TV show called ‘Killer Whales’. The show, which Hello Labs boasts will feature “Hollywood-quality production values, celebrity judges, and a slice of drama” will see wealthy investors listen to pitches from aspiring crypto entrepreneurs and potentially invest in their startups. Some of these investors include the personalities behind influencing accounts such as Altcoin Daily and Champ Medici, as well as members of the Hello Labs team. 

“Gods of the Web3 World” Will Ask the Tough Questions

Hello Labs claims on its website that its Killer Whale judges are the “gods of the Web3 World, representing the best in their field”, which, let’s face it, is hardly the biggest and most impressive field out there. It adds that they will ask “hard hitting questions so you don‘t have to”, suggesting that had it not been for the judges we would have been yelling our questions at the computer screen in the vain hope the contestants might hear us.

The focus of Killer Whales is said to be on “transparency, accountability and integrity” as the investors aim to find the “next wave of Web3 powerhouse projects”. Has there been a first wave?

NFT Collection Will Grant Show Voting Rights

Killer Whales, which will debut later this year, will naturally have a corresponding NFT collection, but the NFTs in the collection will be imbued with special powers. The top tier Killer Whales NFT, the ‘Executive Producer NFT’, empowers the holder with voting rights on which projects make the show, as well as granting access to the exclusive “Exec Producer” Discord channel which will allow them to chat with the production team and “influence key show decisions”. Shudder.

A second tier of NFTs, ‘Show Producer NFTs’, will also afford the holder project passage voting rights and other exclusive content, but holders of these tokens won’t be granted access to the Discord channel.

Of course it’s going to be trash, of course we’re going to be hiding behind the sofa with cringe…but of course we’re going to watch the first episode.