John McAfee Threatens Wrong Man in GHOST Rant

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  • John McAfee has targeted the wrong person on Twitter, accusing an innocent and unconnected individual with ruining his GHOST project
  • McAfee accused the wrong Josh Case on Twitter after he booted the GHOST cryptocurrency from his Ghostbyjohnmcafee project
  • The issue raises several questions about his ability to operate a security-conscious project

John McAfee’s already weak grip on reality has got somewhat looser after it was revealed that he has been threatening an innocent person on Twitter. McAfee ditched the cryptocurrency from his Ghostbyjohnmcafee project after claiming that Josh Case, the creator of the privacy-focused coin, was taking his eye off the ball, and spent the weekend sending a flurry of threatening messages to the wrong Josh Case on Twitter, an elementary mistake that speaks to McAfee’s current state of mind and raises multiple questions about the future of his project.

GHOST Gets The Boot

McAfee unceremoniously kicked the GHOST cryptocurrency off his Ghostbyjohnmcafee platform last week after initially confusing followers of the project by stating that he himself had quit. When this was cleared up, it became evident that the former internet security pioneer had in fact booted the token from the platform, claiming that GHOST coin co-founder Josh Case was too focused on other projects to succeed.

Case replied to these accusations on Telegram, taking a dismissive tone as he reminded everyone what it’s like to work with John McAfee:

Josh Case McAfee Reply

McAfee took issue with Case and fired off a number of private messages to him via his Twitter handle, @_JoshCase, complaining about Case’s alleged lack of focus on Ghostbyjohnmcafee and threatening him with violence if he hadn’t “regained his senses” within 24 hours. Other Twitter users piled in and blamed Case for the collapse of the GHOST token which crashed over 50% on the news of McAfee ditching it.

McAfee Gets the Wrong Man

There was only one problem – McAfee got the wrong man. The recipient of McAfee’s ire was a completely innocent and unrelated developer called Josh Case who has nothing to do cryptocurrency and certainly not McAfee’s project.

Case posted a lengthy Tweet thread on Friday which detailed the extraordinary actions of the unhinged, gun-loving septuagenarian and how he had to fend off the attentions of McAfee’s legion of fans, including some who had photoshopped his face into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting:

McAfee has yet to apologize to Case or admit that he targeted the wrong man, although he has found the time to post videos of women urinating on car windscreens. The issue raises serious questions about McAfee’s sanity and his ability to lead a one-man conga let alone a cryptocurrency project in which he expects people to entrust their privacy.

If McAfee can’t even correctly identify the people he has been working with for months, how is he expected to securely protect the identities of security-conscious individuals? As things stand there is every chance that Ghostbyjohnmcafee could go the way of his other projects – the crypto graveyard.