John McAfee Teases Ghost Anonymous Debit Card

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • John McAfee has teased the brand-new Ghost debit card
  • Accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, the Ghost debit card bring crypto payments to everyone around the globe
  • The Visa card could prove problematic for the true privacy of this card, but time will tell how badly it impacts freedom

John McAfee is certainly one of the most eccentric people in the crypto world and he certainly loves to make bold claims. Back in 2017, McAfee made a bold price prediction for Bitcoin and said that he’d eat his own dick live on TV if it didn’t happen.

In his latest bold statement, McAfee has teased a brand-new crypto debit card that uses his Ghost token, allegedly making it completely anonymous. But, we’re pretty sure that’s not fully possible and the card at best will be semi-anonymous.

Will McAfee change his tune in a few months like he did with his dick eating claims? Answers on a postcard!

A Nice Idea, But Visa Will Ruin it

From what is publicly available about the new Ghost card, it will be a pre-paid debit card that will let users top up with Ghost tokens, or link it to a Ghost wallet, and spend the tokens in stores that accept Visa cards. This is a very important part as Visa collects user data on every single card transaction, such as amount, location, time and date. This is then used to build up a profile of you, which then Visa undoubtedly sells on to marketing companies.

It’s this downside of Visa that will ruin a potentially great idea. If McAfee wants his ghost card to be truly fully anonymous, he’s be best off issuing his own cards using his own payment network – one that he could build on top of the Ghost network and create a blockchain based app for merchants to use in order to accept cards.

Trying to Achieve the Dream

McAfee is a big believer in privacy and taking back control of our own privacy, and that’s exactly what he’s up to in Ghost. Ghost already has a privacy-focused data service, a private and decentralized crypto exchange and it’s now adding the privacy-focused debit card. If you do care about taking back control of your privacy, Ghost is a pretty sweet option to consider – just take it with a pinch of salt.

When Will it Launch?

There’s still no launch date for the cards, or any word on how you can get your hands on a Ghost card, but no doubt that there will be tons more info on that in the coming weeks. For now, though, you’ll have to make do with watching the teaser video on repeat!