Jaxx Battles Scammers Pretending to Be Customer Support

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The crypto world is unfortunately plagued by scammers, and those without a keen eye for detail and those who are relatively new to the space are fairly easy targets for these armies of scammers. Jaxx, the Swiss Army Knife of crypto apps, has been trying to battle an army of scammers that are pretending to be customer support.

Instead of support, the victims of these scammers end up losing a whole heap of their crypto – not what you want when you reach out for support using one of the best crypto apps on the market.

Taking Advantage of Desperate People

As with most scams, the particular group of scammers targeting Jaxx users have been busy setting up an impressive number of fake Jaxx support accounts. These accounts typically use the Jaxx logo and cover image from the official Jaxx Twitter account, making it tricky for less experienced users to distinguish the difference. These accounts then reach out to people that Tweet the official Jaxx support account, asking them to send an email to a Yahoo email address – we’re pretty sure the official Jaxx support crew don’t use Yahoo for their business email accounts. When you’re in need of help and support urgently, it might seem tempting to reach out to this email address and not investigate properly, and this is exactly how the scammers get you.

Learn the Signs of a Scammer

Jaxx needs more help in the fight against these scammers, and the best tool to fight the scammers is education. If you receive a Tweet from a Jaxx support Twitter account and you’re unsure as to whether it’s legit, you can follow these easy steps to check whether it’s the legit account or not – we promise it’s easy and it will save you heartache.

1) Click on the Profile
First up, you’re going to want to click on the profile of the Twitter account that reached out to you and your request for help. The official Jaxx Twitter account has the handle @Jaxx_Support and the profile displays the verified blue tick. If none of these features are present, then you’re on the wrong profile.

2) Don’t Send an Email or Reply to DMs
One thing these scammers all seem to have in common is that they reach out to people in need of genuine support, offering the ability to fix the issue. The scammers do this by replying to your original Tweet and through your DM box. Jaxx will never ask for backup phrases, passwords, send you DMs, ask for money or ask you to send an email. So, if you have any of these things asked of you, just don’t do them. Here is an example of a scammer reaching out.

3) Report the Account to Twitter
Finally, in the battle against scammers we need to unite as one force. If you find a fake Jaxx support account, or any fake account for that matter, report the account to Twitter so that it can be investigated and shut down, preventing others from getting scammed.

People have lost access to their entire portfolios due to scammers like this, so let’s all join in the battle against scammers and end this plight once and for all. If you have any Jaxx support queries, head over to the official Jaxx support site and begin your search there!