Inner Mongolia Sets Up Crypto Miner Tip Line

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  • Authorities in Inner Mongolia have set up a tip line for members of the public to report crypto mining in the area
  • Inner Mongolia is trying to rid itself of crypto miners as China seeks to meet its own tough carbon emissions targets
  • A phone number and email address have been published for anyone to shop a crypto miner

If you’ve ever wanted to shop a cryptocurrency miner then Inner Mongolia might just be the place for you – authorities in the former mining hub have set up a tip line for anyone to report crypto miners operating in the area. Crypto mining in Inner Mongolia has been effectively banned since March, with many upping sticks and leaving the region, but officials are clearly so concerned about some still operating in the area that they have asked the public to help them “shut down” crypto mining operations in the region.

Inner Mongolia Tightens the Screw on Crypto Miners

Inner Mongolia used to be primarily known for the superior quality of the cashmere produced by its indigenous goats, but in recent years it has become an unlikely home to a vast network of crypto mining operators. This cabal collectively accounted for almost 8% of the global Bitcoin network hash rate between September 2019 and April 2020.

However, with China stepping up its bid to reduce carbon emissions, authorities in the coal-rich Inner Mongolia region have clamped down on crypto mining in recent months, forcing miners to leave the area in search of pastures new. Some miners have seemingly been reluctant to leave the area, resulting in authorities enlisting the public’s help to “comprehensively clear and shut down virtual currency “mining” projects” in the region, with a phone number and email address given for those who spot any evil-doing in the area and feel like doing their civic duty.

Ban Dates Back to August 2020

Discussions to curb crypto mining in Inner Mongolia began in August 2020 when a policy to ban crypto miners from using cheap state-subsidized electricity was considered. Seven months later a proposal was drafted to rid the area of crypto mines completely, with yesterday’s announcement using the same language and reinforcing authorities’ attempts to enforce such action.