INDX Masternode Fund Starts Pilot Project Following STO

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INDX, the crypto fund that juggles masternodes and staking platforms and reaps the financial rewards, has announced that it has concluded its extended STO and has started putting the $500,000 raised into its first batch of nodes. The unique fund, which pays out quarterly dividends to token holders, reached the softcap during its extended STO from July-September and now plans to show what the platform can do in an attempt to raise another $1.25 million from private investors.

INDX Prepares Pilot Fund

INDX takes advantage of the earning potential of masternodes and staking platforms but removes the restrictions they pose to individuals, from the purchasing of collateral to the technical knowledge required to run a masternode – all users need to do is purchase INDX tokens and keep them on the platform in order receive quarterly dividends based on profits. Following a year of regulatory delays, the team were finally able to launch their STO in July, ending it last week after a month extension to allow for more investors. Having reached the soft cap, they recently announced the exciting news that the first pool of nodes and staking was about to launch: 

…INDX will start to deploy capital into a pilot fund to accrue dividends. Our investment and technical staff are running the models to optimise the strategy. We look forward to deploying this soon and building the track record necessary to attract further investment.

INDX’s Expanded Offering Looks to Attract Further Investment

The INDX model has evolved in recent months to take in the growth in other consensus mechanisms such as PoS (Proof of Stake) and DPoS (Delegated Proof), as well as allowing the team the opportunity to fine tune the algorithm that helps protect the fund’s value against the famously volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Now the fundraise is complete, the team will be hoping that their pilot fund will show enough promise to convince fence-sitters that the rate of return will be well worth further investment. INDX has targeted $1.25 million in post-STO investment, and will be withholding token allocations to partners, founders, and team members until the money is raised in a sign of integrity that is sadly lacking in much of the overall crypto space. The accomplishment of this would allow INDX to go into battle with an impressive warchest, and given that masternodes offer one of the best rates of any investment vehicle, potential investors shouldn’t take much convincing that INDX has the key to safe crypto investment.