Huawei Set To Develop A New Blockchain-based Smartphone

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Huawei isn’t just a Chinese tech giant, it’s a global communications powerhouse. Through its selection of innovative smartphones, Huawei has been able to make a notable impact across Asia, Europe, and North America. In an attempt to maintain its strong market position, Huawei is looking towards Blockchain technology. Specifically, it’s looking to create a smartphone that will work with decentralized applications.

SIRON OS is highly sought after

Reports regarding Huawei plans have emerged via Bloomberg, with an unconfirmed source revealing that the company is looking to acquire licensing for SIRIN OS. The open-source operating system is a product of Swiss Blockchain-focused firm SIRIN Labs, with the technology becoming fairly sought after. Huawei currently ranks as the third biggest handset manufacturer in the world, but with plans to use SIRIN OS through the Android platform, it could soon improve on that standing.

An emerging partnership

There has been no official announcement from Huawei as yet, as it appears to be a secret project at this point. However, SIRIN Labs did confirm that it met with Huawei in February, with no further details on the meeting being released. SIRIN Labs commented on the rumors through its Telegram account, “@sirinlabsannWe will announce partnerships once official. You can follow our official announcement channel to get the latest news and updates.”

Blockchain is going mobile

SIRIN Labs was established back in 2014, with the Blockchain privacy-oriented OS and electronics supplier making tremendous strides since then. Developing its very own Blockchain-focused phones, crypto exchange platform, and crypto wallet, and, it’s become an exciting company to watch. Helping the company develop when it claimed to be “the first blockchain infused phone”, through its own ICO it was able to generate $100 million in funding. SIRIN Labs’ progress has not gone unnoticed by Huawei, with a partnership between the two companies being closer than ever.

Huawei is set to make history

The deal between Huawei and SIRIN Labs appears to be all but complete, with it being a history-making deal for both parties. Huawei would officially be the first leading smartphone manufacturer to bring a Blockchain-focused smartphone to the worldwide market. The patents for the device and related Blockchain verification system have already been filed, so the reality is that a Blockchain-incorporated smartphone could launch sooner rather than later.