HODL Fuel Is the Tastiest Way to Hodl Your Crypto!

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If you’re a hardcore hodler, chances are you’ve had some very long nights. Watching the crypto markets slide from their December 2017 all time high to the painful lows of late 2018 hasn’t been fun for any of us. Now the crypto markets are picking up again, there is more chance than ever before to make a pretty penny by trading the swings, but staying awake can be one heck of a challenge. Thanks to HODL Fuel, you can now sip delicious coffee and stay awake all night to take full advantage of the dips, peaks and troughs!

Coffee for Every Crypto Hodler

Just like the tokens in your crypto portfolio, your taste in coffee is rather unique. Thankfully, HODL Fuel has a range of different blends from different regions – meaning you can find the perfect coffee for your preferences. Each blend comes with an epic crypto inspired name, ranging from F*Ck fiat to Never Go Full FOMO. A lot of crypto traders out there could learn a thing or two from some of these blend names, that’s for sure!

We Like Our Coffee Bitcoin Style

While Starbucks might not be letting customers pay for their grande frappuccino with Bitcoin, HODL Fuel is dedicated to the crypto world. That’s right, you can get your hands on ultra-smooth and exotic blends of coffee from all over the world and pay using Bitcoin and Litecoin – take that Starbucks!

Coffee Hitting the Blockchain

Coffee is slowly moving towards the blockchain, and it’s about time it used this great technology. Carico Cafe Connoisseur has decided to place all of its coffee beans on the blockchain. It’s trying to stamp out fake beans entering the market and damaging the brand’s reputation – not to mention ensuring customers get the authentic coffee taste. Aside from verifying the authenticity of the beans, consumers can discover a wealth of information about their coffee – including where the beans were grown, the altitude of the farm, the variety of bean and the details of the farm owner.

As markets pick up pace, there are going to be a lot of sleepless nights for everyone. Whether Bitcoin heads towards McAfee’s prediction of $1 million or slides back down into bear territory, we’re all going to need a strong cup of coffee – so why not make it HODL Fuel. After all, you don’t want to get weak and sell the dip!