Gold NFT Pendant Offers Inventive Answer to Critics

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • A jewelry maker has created an NFT pendant out of an Apple Watch screen
  • The 14k gold framed screen will display your NFT for the whole world to see
  • The concept provides a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal of the argument that you can’t display an NFT easily in the physical world

One of the biggest criticisms of NFTs from those who still view them from the vantage point of an analogue (or physical) world is that ‘you can’t hang an NFT on your wall’. Setting aside the monumental idiocy of such statements and the total lack of understanding they represent, one jewelry designer has turned the argument on its head by designing creating an NFT-displaying pendant by pimping up the screen of an Apple Watch. Called the Ethereum Block Chain, the concept piece from Ivy J Jewelers, which features a 14k gold frame and chain, is more art than jewelry, but it showcases exactly the kind of creativity that the NFT world can engender, even in a physical format.

NFT Collectibles Weren’t Designed to be Displayed

Physical representation of digital items is something that even the top tech companies have struggled with (see the absolute non-starter that was digital photo frames), and this has moved into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. There aren’t many ways for NFT buyers to physically display their purchases, but this is partly due to the simple fact that they aren’t designed to be displayed in such a way.

Most NFTs can be thought of in the same way as physical collectibles, which many collectors store safely away and only take them out now and again to look at as opposed to displaying them proudly on the wall. However, the efforts of Ivy J Jewelers show that there might be ways to physically display NFTs after all – and if a 14k gold chain and frame isn’t completely crypto then we don’t know what is.

Empty Gesture

Of course, the thorny issue of what happens if your NFT is deleted by the creator is something pendant buyers are going to have to grapple with themselves before buying, as without an NFT to fill it you’re just walking around with an empty Apple watch screen on an expensive chain.