Does Your Partner Know About Your Crypto?

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When it comes to delving into the wonderful world of crypto trading and hodling, many people decide not to tell their partners. Why? Most likely because they fear that they will be ridiculed or partners might get angry as they don’t fully understand the crypto world. But in order to get a feel for how many people are completely open and honest with their partners about their crypto activities, Twitter user Mexican Charlie Lee decided to ask his followers the big question – does your spouse/significant other know how much crypto you have?

Most People Claim Partners Don’t Know

Unsurprisingly, most people claim that their partners either have no knowledge or know they invest in crypto, but not the actual amount. This isn’t really a shocker as the number one rule of crypto is never talk about how much you have. On top of this, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are still super niche, meaning that a lot of people out there still don’t fully understand or care, simply out of lack of education about the topic.

Couples That Stack Stats Together, Stay Together

There is still some hope for romance in the crypto world, with a handful of respondents saying that they stack sats and buy dips together. Now with more ways than ever to stack sats while shopping, couples can work together doing what they love most to maximize their crypto investments. Not to mention, working as a team you can take shifts monitoring the charts and get second opinions from someone that actually has your best interests at heart – see you later, internet trolls.

The Church Dislikes Bitcoin

As with most internet polls, there is always one story that makes you read twice. One user by the name of Litecoin-Mechanic told the crypto Twitterverse that he tried to explain the fundamentals of crypto and how it works, but she refused to take any of it onboard. Then after a sermon at her local church, she returned home saying that her pastor claims crypto is a scam and left Litecoin-Mechanic. He doubled down his investment into crypto and moved on to a better life, filled with digital currency.

Despite the odd few that break the trend, the majority appear to keep their crypto lives separate from their relationships. A few people noted that their partners have asked what happens to their Bitcoin when they die – causing many to start fearing for their lives – thanks CBA All Access for “Why Women Kill.”