Dish Network Uses Blockchain in Anti-Piracy System

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Dish Network filed patent #20200012765 recently, a “content anti-piracy system and method.”

Anti-Piracy System

The company has filed other patents recently, including some related to Internet of Things, but what sets this patent apart is its use of blockchain technology.

The application describes how a blockchain system will be used:

 when the digital media content is not associated with at least one unique watermarking identifier: obtain from a decentralized blockchain rights ledger at least one content-specific identifier for the digital media content; associate the digital media content and the obtained at least one content-specific identifier in the decentralized blockchain rights ledger; and when the digital media content includes the at least one watermarking identifier: access the decentralized blockchain rights ledger to obtain one or more digital rights identities associated with the at least one watermarking identifier; and transmit an indication of upload status based on the obtained one or more digital rights identities.

The system will use blockchain to allow a content owner to update ownership information and know when content has been used by an unauthorized source.

Content Marketplace

Essentially, the system will enable a content owner to embed their data in the content, and have control of when the content is used.

While this is essentially just Digital Rights Management, it’s DRM with the blockchain, which is something new.

The system also features an exchange marketplace for content. So people who want to distribute content can buy it directly from the owners, and the owners can sell licenses to those who are earnestly looking to use legitimate content.

Users can pay for content in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Overall, the system provides a streamlined way to manage copyright data and content distribution.

Dish Network has built something new, and it’s likely to take time to take off.