Dash Blockchain Operational After Update Error

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The Dash blockchain has resumed operations after a planned upgrade failed stalling it for hours
  • The upgrade touched on the chain’s security, masternodes and wallets
  • Developers released a hotfix enabling the network to restart producing blocks


The Dash blockchain has resumed operations after a planned upgrade went south stalling the network for hours. The upgrade aimed to enhance the blockchain’s wallet, security and how the masternode is implemented. Developers have since released a hotfix enabling the network to restart processing transactions.

Transactions not Reaching True Finality

According to the network’s CTO Samuel Westrich, blocks are being produced after about 40% of the network upgraded to hotfix v19.1.0 and the number is “rising quickly.”

Dash developers had warned that transactions not using the chain’s InstantSend and ChainLocked features carry the risk of not reaching “true finality” or being confirmed, resulting in top crypto exchanges like Binance halting transactions involving Dash mining rewards until the network’s operations return to normalcy.

The DashCore v19.0 release, announced last month, carried high-profile changes such as the introduction of masternodes with a different job description than the regular masternodes, changes to the existing BLS signature scheme to improve security, providing the wallet creation option through a graphical user interface and stop automatic creation of new wallets. 

Version 19.1 Implemented Before Version 19.0

The upgrade targeted to prepare the platform for the arrival of Dash Platform to the mainnet. However, the v19.1.0 release comes before the v19.0 update scheduled for mid-next month. According to the developers, the current release was aimed at resolving “the chain stall.”

Since its creation in 2014, the platform has courted controversy over the years with some in its community suggesting that the project is on the verge of “complete chaos.” In 2017, it fueled the Dash masternodes mania which created millionaires along the way. The United States securities regulator has also claimed that the chain’s native coin, DASH, is a security in its accusations against Bittrex.

Although the network has resumed operations, it’s yet to be seen how the incident will affect the platform’s usage.