Cryptocurrency Adoption Gets Boost With Sylo-Coca Cola Deal

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  • Cryptocurrency adoption boosted after Sylo Smart Wallet signs Coca Cola deal
  • Users of the Sylo dApp can now buy a coke for crypto in over 2,000 locations in Australia and New Zealand
  • Company is now looking to expand into US

Cryptocurrency adoption received a huge boost this week when it was announced that thousands of Coca Cola vending machines in Australia and New Zealand will now accept cryptocurrency as payment. The deal, which will see Sylo Smart Wallet dApp users able to buy a bottle by scanning their QR code, represents a huge boost for crypto adoption and also for the progression of dApps into the mainstream.

Buy a Coca Cola With Crypto

The Sylo-Coca Cola linkup is thanks to Centrapay, a digital asset integrator, who has signed a deal with Coca-Cola Amatil, the largest bottler and distributor in Asia Pacific, and Sylo to allow customers to pay for Coca Cola with cryptocurrency held in the wallet through a QR code. Amatil has over 2,000 vending machines across Australia and New Zealand, representing a great opportunity for cryptocurrency to prove it has applications in the real world.

In a press release, Centrapay’s CEO Jerome Faury said that the deal was an example of their aim to overcome the barriers to cryptocurrency adoption and growth of other new technologies such as digital identity and assets:

We have solved both these issues. Centrapay is pioneering the way to enable this new internet of value and bring its benefits to both consumers and merchants, and it comes with the added benefit of reducing physical contact and addressing the hygiene concerns we’ve all become acutely aware of due to COVID-19.

Faury added that the company was looking to target the U.S. having “shown how it can work in Australia and New Zealand”, with the States being the holy grail in terms of adoption for such ambitions.

Sylo-Coca Cola Deal a Huge Boost for dApps

The move is a huge boost for the relatively unknown Sylo Smart Wallet, a dApp that goes as far as calling itself “the fastest growing dApp in the world”. Not only does Sylo allow you to safely store Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens but it also acts as a private messenger and allows users to make secure audio and video calls.

Given that dApps have struggled to gain mainstream adoption, having one that can now allow users to operate Bitcoin vending machines and quench their thirst with a coke on a hot day is a great step forward for cryptocurrency adoption, blockchain technology, and dApps in general.