Company Projects Bitcoin Logo Onto Schweizerische Nationalbank

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Bitcoin “advertising” has taken on various forms over the years. Web banners, print media, and more are now commonplace. While the normal forms of marketing can certainly go a long way, we still have plenty of time for something a little more unorthodox. Giving us all a taste of guerrilla marketing, one company has taken the “war” to the banking industry by projecting Bitcoin’s logo onto Schweizerische Nationalbank.

Bringing out the best in Blockchain

It hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet, so take the rumor for what it is, but this move is thought to be the work of Trust Square. Recently moving into an office across the street from Schweizerische Nationalbank, it appears that these new neighbors might be getting off to a frosty start. Trust Square is a blockchain hub that was launched last month. Focused on creating blockchain apps, the center comes complete with 200 workstations that are open to investors and startups. Trust Square – through its extensive focus on Blockchain’s potential – is actively researching the applications and implications of this revolutionary technology.

Send up the bit-signal

If Trust Square wanted to make its presence felt, with this latest move it’s certainly done so. As you can see from the picture below, it’s projection of Bitcoin’s bright orange logo – on a giant scale – certainly has people talking. Twitter user @JohannesGees summed up how most of us feel when he posted this image with the caption “Trust Square rules.” Schweizerische Nationalbank has yet to respond, but we doubt that they are quite as amused.

Straight from Zug

The move has been a labeled as a publicity stunt – and we tend to agree. However, all this proves is that Switzerland is becoming more open to both cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The country already houses countless crypto-fused startup firms, with Zug – the small Swiss town even being tagged as “crypto valley”. With more than 200 companies now exploring digital currency invocation in the tiny mountain region, you could very well be hearing more about Zug in the near future.

Banishing bad press

The goal has always been to force Bitcoin into the public eye, generating more interest in the commodity in the process. When you consider that the banking industry doesn’t have the cleanest relationship with Bitcoin, stunts such as this will make more waves. While we don’t have an official explanation for the stunt from Trust Square just yet, it’s easy to figure out why they’ve taken the guerilla marketing route. The fear surrounding Bitcoin is that it has been wrongfully associated with cybercrime and underground dealings, despite criminal acts accounting for less than 1% of Bitcoin usage. Moves like this make Bitcoin feel more approachable and help banish the memories of Silk Road, illicit dealings, and money laundering activities.

All publicity is good publicity

This certainly isn’t the first guerilla marketing effort of its kind, as similar stunts have occurred throughout Europe. We’ve seen a dedicated Bitcoin monument erected in the Slovenian city of Kranj, with it being funded by leading crypto exchange BitStamp. Sitting proudly on a roundabout at the heart of the city, it represents the work of Selman Čorović and Aleksander Frančeškin. In Paris, something similar has occurred, with a mural created depicting the death of standard currency and the rise of cryptocurrency. Created by popular street artists Ludo, it’s become quite the talking point.

An image overhaul

Bitcoin has been undergoing an image overhaul lately. Dispelling the myths surrounding criminal activity, these public displays – like what we’ve seen in Switzerland, Slovenia, and France – will only appease those that are still skeptical of the digital currency.