Crypto Prices Consolidate Ahead of Next Move

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Cryptocurrency prices have held at important levels after the drop over the weekend, signaling that they might be ready for another move. Bitcoin is hovering around the $3,900 mark it dropped to on Sunday, with other coins also following the same trend and seeing very little movement so far this week. This has led to an overriding sense of cautious optimism on social media, with many prominent traders keeping a close watch on proceedings:

Ethereum Undecided on Constantinople Launch

Ethereum watchers also seem undecided on the short term future of the coin, with the upcoming Constantinople hard fork having seemingly already played itself out in terms of price action:

No March Madness?

Given that we are coming to the end of the month, some traders have chosen to take a longer-term view of the markets going into March, and the general sentiment does not reflect a particularly positive tone.

These views don’t take into account the twin launches of Bakkt and Fidelity into the crypto space however, and there is a chance that these two events could spark Bitcoin, and the market as a whole, into more action. For the short term however it seems to be a case of watching and waiting, with only the bravest traders involving themselves in choppy markets such as these.