Create Your Own Algo Trading System with Mudrex

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You might think that creating your own algorithm for trading cryptos is way too technical. Up until now this statement held true, but Mudrex has created a platform for you to build your own algo trading system without any coding required. Simply drag, drop, and change values to build your own perfect system so you can trade even while you sleep. Trading cryptos has never been so easy and we all have Mudrex to thank.

Available for Binance and Bitmex

Mudrex has been in a private beta for the past couple of months, but now has opened up to the public. When you create your algorithm, you can then choose to let it loose on a crypto exchange with an account that you have funded. For now, Mudrex only supports Binance and Bitmex, but it’s working around the clock to make its platform work with other exchanges. You can build, define, and hone your algorithm in a matter of minutes – leaving you more time to do the most important things in life.

More Than 200 Assets Available

If you were wondering which crypto assets are available to plug into your new algorithm, you will be spoilt for choice. Drag and drop conditions for more than 200 digital assets, including some of the biggest names around, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS. and Litecoin. You can pick a start and end date, as well as configure almost every aspect of the trades you wish your algorithm to conduct. Now you no longer have to worry about missing out on great trades while you sleep, shower, drive, fly, or shop.

Binance Causing Trouble

Earlier this month Binance undertook a token purge, removing five coins for no explicable reason. Some of the tokens fell by 27% as the shock news rattled their communities. If you had algorithms set up for trading these tokens, they would now become obsolete, causing havoc to a number of trader’s algorithms. If Binance continues down the warpath, it could cause more chaos with algorithms.

New and easy to create algorithms are great for crypto traders that don’t have all day to follow the markets and need something more advanced than stop loss and stop profit orders. Prices follow a subscription-based model, with the lowest being free. There are fears that crypto exchanges could start setting up accounts with Mudrex to start wash trading on the sly, but hopefully the robust KYC procedure will prevent this from happening.