CloudFlare Launches Decentralized Content Gateway

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CloudFlare – one of the most popular content delivery networks – has announced that it’s launching a new decentralized content gateway. The new content gateway will utilize a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed ledger to keep content live, even if the server or site is having issues – such as during a natural disaster or maintenance. This new decentralized gateway aims to remove the headaches that web users suffer when a website isn’t available. As the demand for instant content continues to rise, solutions like this are becoming increasingly popular.

Potential Ethical Issues

Due to the decentralized and distributed nature of CloudFlare’s new content gateway, if there is illegal content it will always remain active. Even if the server gets shut down, the service will keep the site live. Decentralization means that CloudFlare has no power to remove such content, but it does say that if you stumble across any unsavory content you can report it. Once a particular website has received a number of credible reports, it will then be automatically removed.

Speeding up Projects

This decentralized content gateway will allow blockchain and crypto projects to maximize the speed at which their content is delivered to users. Ensuring projects run smoothly and quickly is essential to the longevity of the blockchain industry. For example, Walmart is planning to use blockchain for its delivery systems. If the data sent to its operators is delayed or held up due to a server failure then it could cause chaos. By implementing a decentralized P2P content distribution system, this data will always be delivered on time.

Blockchain Solutions Everywhere

CloudFlare is just one of many firms implementing blockchain solutions in a bid to improve its services. Tech giant IBM has teamed up with Stellar to create a super fast blockchain payment network. Blockchain technology allows the companies to enable payments to be made in real time at the lowest possible cost.

Possible Remedy for Chinese Crypto Firms

China is currently waging war against the crypto world and this new content gateway could help firms keep their sites live, even when Weibo and WeChat shut their accounts down. This would give the companies time to build a new site located outside of China, protecting it from the anti-crypto war in the process.
Decentralized projects are helping the world to evolve into a more user-centric society. Now, it seems that the balance of power is tipping into the hands of consumers over corporations. CloudFlare is helping expand the blockchain revolution by giving companies the ability to fight back against anti-crypto entities and remain active.