Circle Lists Four New Cryptos

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Circle gives users the ability to trade cryptos in large volumes OTC and has been focusing on some of the larger markets since launch – such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC. However, the platform has its sights set on conquering the OTC markets completely and has revealed its new listing rationale. This new rationale means that Circle will continue to add cryptocurrencies that fit a certain criterion. The first four cryptos that will be added to its offering will be Stellar, EOS, 0x, and Qtum. It has selected these coins based on the speed at which they transact. Circle is focusing on improving the blockchain industry with high-speed cryptos that have the potential to disrupt the payment sector.

Stablecoins Ruling the World

Earlier this year in an interview with CNBC, Jeremy Allaire – Circle CEO – said that he believes that stablecoins have the potential to replace fiat currencies. He predicted that within a handful of years, every major fiat currency will have multiple stablecoin versions, making crypto trading easier than ever before. This digitization of fiat currency plays nicely into Circle’s payment platform.

Is Circle the Next Revolut?

Circle’s business model certainly looks a lot like Revolut – a popular banking and crypto trading app. It has already hit the payments industry with its revolutionary payment processing engine that utilizes blockchain technology. It gains its crypto trading experience from its sister company – Poloniex.
Poloniex is one of the leading crypto exchanges in America and it is making waves around the globe. This new addition of trading pairs gives Circle the leg up on Revolut, but Revolut has just launched a “free” way to earn cryptos as you spend – so both companies are afraid to mix things up.

Huge Trade Sizes

Admittedly, Circle might not be the ideal crypto trading platform for everyone. It caters to wealthy clients that are looking to trade vast sums of cryptos OTC. Minimum trade values for individual traders and institutions start at $250,000 – a figure that will prevent a lot of crypto traders from using the platform. But, Circle does provide whales with a safe place to trade large sums of cryptos without hurting the crypto markets too badly.

More Cryptos Coming Soon

The OTC crypto exchange has promised to carry on adding more cryptos to its offering on a regular basis. It will consider adding any crypto that fits its requirements, and if a crypto can pass the test it will benefit from a huge amount of new investor support. A $250,000 trade of Stellar at the current prices would yield a very large sum of the cryptocurrency – 1086956.5 to be exact.
OTC trading is becoming increasingly popular, as wealthy investors look for new ways to diversify their portfolios. Crypto markets provide a wonderful opportunity to grow funds much faster than a traditional bank account. However, cryptos also allow people to skip certain lengthy processes, such as time taken to purchase property. For this reason, OTC trading firms like Circle will continue to see a rise in interest and popularity.