Changpeng Zhao Announces New Educational Project, Giggle Academy

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  • Changpeng Zhao has announced plans for Giggle Academy, an educational platform addressing global educational inequality
  • Zhao, awaiting sentencing in the US, will fund the project
  • Giggle Academy aims to provide free online education to underprivileged children worldwide

Changpeng Zhao is using his time awaiting sentencing in the US constructively, unveiling plans for a new educational platform called Giggle Academy. Zhao and the company he co-founded, Binance, admitted to failing to implement anti-money laundering policies and violating the Bank Secrecy Act. Zhao faces around 18 months in prison as a result, and ahead of his sentencing next month he has announced his plans for Giggle Academy, a venture that aims to address global educational inequality by providing free, adaptive, and engaging education to underprivileged children worldwide, particularly focusing on regions with limited access to formal schooling.

Zhao Making the Most of His Pre-sentencing

Zhao revealed Giggle Academy in an X post which didn’t give much away:

Thankfully, Zhao provided a link to a “concept brainstorm” which outlined his plans in more detail. Giggle Academy will offer a comprehensive curriculum spanning elementary to high school levels, covering subjects ranging from language and science to finance and entrepreneurship.

Utilizing innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and gamification, Zhao hopes that Giggle Academy will make learning interactive and captivating for students, incorporating features like badges, points, and rankings to motivate and incentivize progress.

Giggle Academy Will be Free for All

Unlike traditional education systems, Giggle Academy will encourage students to specialize and self-certify in subjects of their interest, empowering them to excel in areas where they demonstrate aptitude and passion. The initiative will remain entirely free, ensuring equal access to quality education for all, with Zhao personally funding the project.

Zhao will be hoping to get as much of the groundwork laid down as possible before his sentencing, with the project actively recruiting for multiple positions.