CCU Offers BTC Rewards for Exploring Bitcoin eStory

Reading Time: < 1 minute
  • Canadian Bitcoin mining CCU has created an interactive Bitcoin history learning resource
  • CCU is giving away bitcoin for completion of each section and has earmarked 1 BTC for the purpose
  • The Bitcoin eStory is a great way to introduce newcomers to Bitcoin’s history and purpose


Canadian Bitcoin mining company CCU is offering bitcoin rewards through its own Lightning Network wallet for those who want to learn about Bitcoin’s history. In association with cryptocurrency content creator CONTENT:ED Writing, CCU has created an interactive Bitcoin eStory which takes the user through Bitcoin’s history and operational principles, with every completed section earning the user sats that they can claim at the end of the story through CCU’s app Flashboy. The animated story offers a basic overview for beginners but also offers more detailed information for those who want to find out more.

Bitcoin Giveaway to CCU eStory Readers

CCU and CONTENT:ED Writing teamed up earlier this year to work on the Bitcoin eStory, which CCU wanted to create in order to spread the word about Bitcoin and encourage users to try it out for themselves. To encourage adoption, CCU created its own Lightning Network wallet, Flashboy, where readers’ earnings will be deposited once they have finished.

bitcoin eStory

The Bitcoin eStory is a beautifully designed online book that takes readers through the history of Bitcoin and its founding principles, with animations and interactive elements to aid the learning process. Those who want to find out more about a particular section can simply swipe right for a more detailed explanation on the subject at hand or swipe left to share individual slides.

CCU, which operates hydroelectric mining from its headquarters in Quebec, Canada, has allocated 100 million sats (1 BTC) towards the project, so make sure you claim your allocation before it runs out!