Cashapp Completes Lightning Network Integration

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  • Cashapp has rolled out full Lightning Network integration
  • The push was announced in February but now it has arrived
  • U.S. users (excepting New York) can now send and receive over the Lightning Network

Payment app Cashapp has rolled out full Lightning Network integration, with U.S. users now able to send and receive bitcoin cheaply and quickly. Cashapp, founded by Bitcoiner Jack Dorsey in 2013, announced its intention to integrate Lightning Network payments back in February, and eight months later it has been rolled out. The move is another step forwards in adoption for the layer 2 scaling solution which has seen huge growth in the past couple of years.

Cashapp Keeps it Quiet

Cashapp hasn’t publicly announced the rollout of Lightning Network support, although it has updated its how to guide with details of how to use it – it’s as simple as showing their Bitcoin QR code to a Lightning Network-compliant party.

The new upgrade is available to both Android and IOS users and is available for all U.S. users, except those residing in New York State, which as it has proved in recent years is more anti-crypto than a Brad Sherman/Elizabeth Warren love child.

Lightning Network Keeps on Trucking

The rollout is more good news for the Lighting Network, which has seen usage and adoption soar in recent years. The scaling solution forms the basis of El Salvador’s Chivo wallet and it was added as a payment method for Bitpay in April while the amount of bitcoin locked in the system has been steadily growing for almost two years, from 1,000 BTC in December 2020 to 5,000 today.

This is good news for Bitcoin, because a layer 2 solution is the only way that, without on-chain scaling, Bitcoin was ever going to compete as an alternative currency.