Brazilians Can Watch the Latest Blockbusters by Using Bitcoin

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What better way to prepare to watch the biggest films of the year than by paying for your tickets with the biggest cryptocurrency? Cine Multi located in Florianopolis, Brazil has become the first cinema in the country to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for cinema tickets.

Not the Cinema World’s First Brush with Crypto

If you thought this was the first time Bitcoin had made a red-carpet appearance at the cinema, then you would be wrong. Back in August 2018, Major Cineplex in Thailand became the first cinema chain to start accepting cryptos for snacks, drinks, and tickets. It was a huge step up for the crypto industry on a whole, but provided a boost to the Thai crypto industry in particular. People love going to the cinema to watch films about fantasy lands and future technology, so what better way to get in the mood than by using the future of currency to gain access.

Bancryp Packing Some Serious Tech

Cine Multi has teamed up with Brazilian startup Bancryp. Bancryp provides a whole range of services that allow firms to accept cryptos as a payment method, as well as let people top up their crypto wallet. On top of this, Bancryp also has a range of pre-paid crypto cards and smart gear, meaning you can carry your Bancryp crypto in style.
On the surface, its POS machines, mobile app, and wearables look like they have been created for a designer brand, but under the hood they pack some serious firepower. Using 0conf, payments with Brnacryp take a matter of seconds and will have customers splashing the digital cash in no time.

Could Bitcoin Become Legal Tender in Brazil?

During the presidential campaign, João Amoêdo proposed that the country use cryptocurrencies – more specifically Bitcoin – to help rid the country of corruption. Dilma Rousseff caused quite a stir after facing a vote of no confidence and was booted into jail for corruption charges, and new Brazilian politicians are looking to clean up the mess she left in her wake. Due to Bitcoin’s public nature, it would be a brilliant candidate to help heal the country’s image. Amoêdo might not have won the election, but Jair Bolsonaro could pick up on the positive sentiment of the Bitcoin campaign and instill it as a nationally accepted payment option.

Crypto and Brazilian Football Join Forces

It’s no secret that teams from the footballing world are beginning to struggle as time goes on given increasing financial pressures. Fans are now opting to stay home and watch games online rather than going to the stadium, resulting in financial hardship for many clubs. Avai FC has decided to combat this by launching its very own ICO. The funds raised will be used to help pay players and backroom staff, enabling the club to reach the top level of Brazilian football.
It could be some time before other cinema chains around the world begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods, but it’s definitely becoming more popular. With the rise of simplistic merchant terminals and POS machines, it’s easy for cinemas to now integrate cryptocurrencies into day-to-day business activities.