Brave Browser Integrates Gemini Exchange

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Brave browser users can now trade on Gemini exchange from within the browser
  • The linkup echoes a similar linkup between Brave and Binance
  • Inter-crypto partnerships make life easier for those in the crypto space and newcomers

Brave browser has taken another step further in its crypto functionality by integrating the Gemini exchange into its platform. The addition of the Winklevoss twins’ exchange into the crypto-focused web browser means that Brave users will now be able to trade the tokens listed by Gemini right within the browser, negating the need to visit the Gemini exchange itself. The addition of Gemini into the Brave fold follows a similar linkup with Binance, which rolled out in March.

Brave Browser Gemini Integration Live on Nightly

The Gemini-integrated browser is available through the latest ‘nightly’ version of Brave, with no details yet on when it will be officially rolled out to the main version:

In addition to being able to trade on Gemini within the Brave web browser environment, Brave-verified content creators can hold their digital assets in a Gemini Creator Wallet. This means that Brave creators can receive BAT payments into their Gemini Creator Wallet or in any other crypto or fiat asset supported on the Gemini exchange.

Inter-crypto Partnerships Can Boost Adoption

Inter-crypto partnerships such as these are a great way to reduce the friction that is often associated with engaging in the cryptocurrency space, where different services exist for different facets of the space. Integrating different aspects of the cryptocurrency experience, for example in this case integrating trading into a web browser, are great ways of speeding up the process and making it easier for everyday users to engage with the ecosystem.

Other recent examples of such integrations include the recent announcement from Trezor that users can now buy crypto directly within the wallet rather than having to transfer purchased crypto to it separately. Hopefully linkups like those we have seen with Trezor and Brave browser are just the start and we can look forward to many such partnerships in the future.