Bitcoin to $100,000 and XRP Set for 10x Gains!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week so far has been rather disappointing for the Bitcoin bulls, as markets slid heavily, touching $7,700 at one point. While markets have steadied a bit as the week rolled on, we can’t help but notice a lot of accumulation happening as well as a few patterns beginning to emerge.

Call us crazy, but our research tells us Bitcoin is looking set for a mega push towards $100,000 and XRP is looking like it wants to follow suit. No, XRP isn’t going to get anywhere near $100,000, but it’s looking primed for 10x gains in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin Entering Super Bull Market Phase

Bitcoin is the big daddy of the crypto world, and when Bitcoin rises, the wider markets follow. Looking back at history, Bitcoin reaches the 0.382 fib retracement level then heads to a new all-time high. The last time we saw this pattern occur, it took 25% less time than the time it happened before. If this continues to be the trend, then we could be set to see BTC hit $100,000 as early as March 2020.

Not many people expected such a furious recovery from $3,150 that we saw only a couple of months back, and this is just the first sign in the pattern. If BTC stands true to form, then we could well have a mega bull phase on our hands, as soon as this mini retracement is over. If you can buy in around $7,500, you will have yourself a massive bargain – so fill your boots if Bitcoin falls below this level. If BTC starts to climb, pile on in early or you could miss the next rocket to the moon.

XRP Set for 10x Gains

You heard it here first, XRP is looking like it could 10x in the next year. XRP has had a rough go of things since its ATH back in 2017, but it’s slowly starting to recover. We’re seeing a lot of accumulation happening at the current price and Ripple is rolling out more big-name partnerships every week. Couple these two events together and you have a recipe for big gains. Of course, XRP won’t be the only token to pump heavily, it will likely piggyback off Bitcoin’s next super surge upwards – so if you see Bitcoin heading for the moon, you can start getting ready for XRP to follow.

Ripple recently unlocked 1 billion more XRP tokens from escrow, meaning the circulating supply became a bit more diluted this week, but that’s alright. This simply means the price will deflate and provide us with plenty of more opportunities to grab it at a bargain price. The next few months are going to be huge for XRP, so don’t panic sell at the first sign of bullish movement. FOMO is going to play a huge part in the next XRP upwards trend, so hodl on and reap those massive gains.

These predictions might be slightly more long-term, but they are on the horizon and are not far away. If things play out as we’re seeing them in the charts, this time next year you could be relaxing on your own private island thanks to Bitcoin and XRP.