Binance App Back in Apple Store

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Binance has seen their official exchange app relisted on Apple’s App Store after being forced to remove it in March. Apple’s notoriously tight restrictions have been a constant thorn in the side of Binance, with users having the app removed and reinstated several times since its inception just over two years ago. The re-launch ties in with Binance’s recent website upgrade and redesign, although margin trading is still unavailable on mobile devices.

Acceptance Was a “Tough Process”

Binance has always allowed users to download a mobile version of sorts during App Store downtime, but this has relied on users using a backdoor installation which many are not comfortable with, so making it back onto the official App Store will come as a welcome relief. In a tweet acknowledging the reinstatement of the app, CEO Changpeng Zhao admitted that it had been a long road and also seemed to take a subtle dig at developers who hound the exchange over its listing requirements:

Attention Turns to Binance US

With the App Store app now added, Binance will likely turn its attention to its imminent US exchange, Binance US, which according to Zhao could launch within weeks. US users will be cut off from the main Binance platform around September 12, giving Binance three weeks to arrange an alternative, with Zhao announcing in an interview on Cheddar that the new platform for American customer could launch “in a month or two”. The big issue for CZ and his team will we which coins they want to, or more to the point will be allowed to, list, given the muddy regulatory waters that exist at present with regard to tokens being considered securities. Suggestions are that the exchange could list around 30 coins, whereas the main Binance site currently lists 150.