April Fool’s Day – Crypto Twitter Roundup

Reading Time: 2 minutes

April Fool’s Day reached all corners of the internet yesterday, and crypto wasn’t immune. We round up some of the efforts that tried to hoodwink crypto fans to see if any of them tickled our ribs or merely had us groaning and reaching for the aspirin. We start with The Crypto Dog, who tried to convince us that XLM was about to board a rocket ship and head for you know where:

Did anyone fall for it? It seems so:

Next on the list is a truly horrific prospect – ‘Enter the Sun’, the debut single from one Justin Sun, on Loom Records no less…

Surely no one fell for this. Sadly, one person did:

OKEx announced the African tribal village of Wakanda (ring any bells?) had declared Bitcoin to be their national reserve currency.

Sadly, this tweet was too much even for crypto Twitter, and no one fell for it. Finally, and there’s a reason we’ve saved this til last…what your living room has been calling out for – a Tone Vays vase. Behold, in all its glory:

It’s a little hard to tell, but it seems that someone may actually have, if not fallen for it, at least not entirely dismissed it at the outset. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they didn’t realize the date. There were also a couple of anti-April Fool’s that drew attention to matters of interest in, and outside of crypto land:

Let’s hope next year can bring out some contenders worthy of the title ‘joke’.