Adyingnobody ‘Revelations’ Proves to be Fake News

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • The supposed revelations by Twitter user adyingnobody have proved to be fake news
  • The Twitter account was suspended and a message left on an Ethereum transaction
  • Whoever was running the ploy tried to get people to think he had been silenced, and some bought in

The supposed ‘revelations’ about murder, debauchery, and theft of high profile cryptocurrency influencers has turned out to be a confusing mess of nothing at all, as was widely anticipated. A new Twitter user by the name of ‘adyingnobody’ posted last week that they had access to years worth of Telegram conversations boasting about depraved and illegal acts by crypto luminaries which would be released over a staggered timeline, with today supposedly the day of the first drop. However, the Twitter account in question has been suspended and a message left in a smart contract input data field to state that the whole thing was a hoax, as many had predicted.

Salacious Rumours Failed to Spark Much Interest

adyingnobody had attempted to whip up the crypto space into a frenzy last week when they promised revelations regarding acts of racism, homophobia, adultery and sexual assault on members of the public and those within the crypto communities, pulling scams, and “killing and stealing the crypto of an individual with a group of friends (coordinated through telegram)”.

However, suspicions were raised when adyingnobody said that the revelations would be dropped in segments throughout June and July, with many wondering if the whole thing was a scam. Indeed, soon after FullyCrypto published the story, this author was invited to a group to discuss the case, an invitation the author declined.

Adyingbobody Attempt Nothing More Than Peculiar Stunt

If anyone was harbouring any genuine feelings of belief over the case, these were summarily ended early this morning when an Ethereum transaction associated with the account posted the following message in the input data:

There is no release tomorrow this is all a hoax
There is no secret orgies or assassinations
There is no twitter employee hiding information
There is no sexual assault, no people and influencers stealing from users or people using alts to prop up projects
These are all fabrications made by myself for attention
I will be dead from suicide you have nothing to worry about so do not bother finding me
Do not send any money or funds to this address and move on
If any message that comes from this address in the future or any messages claim to be dead man switches then assume the private key for this address is compromised and assume it is a fake message by someone else

At the same time, the Twitter account belonging to adyingnobody was suspended, causing some to put the message together with the suspension and conclude that adyingnobody had been ‘silenced’:

Others however were able to put two and two together and figure out that what smells like horse manure probably is horse manure:

It’s clear for anyone not in a tin foil hat to see that someone has tried to make it appear as if adyingnobody was indeed silenced, hoping that the Twitter suspension plus the unusual way in which the message was written would lead to people buying into a conspiracy en masse and running with it.

Unfortunately the whole thing was about as subtle as getting a truck to the face, leaving most in the space scratching their heads in confusion as to why someone would want to bother wasting their time like this.