You Might Have Missed…Featuring KuCoin, Elon Musk, and Veriblock

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This week’s You Might Have Missed features KuCoin copying Binance’s homework AGAIN, a Veriblock IEO purchasing battle plan, Elon Musk being pestered by crypto fans once more, and the best memes of the week. Enjoy!

KuCoin’s at It Again

KuCoin has been accused of copying Binance in many areas an attempt to emulate their success, particularly with regard to the exchange’s IEO platform, Spotlight. It’s one thing to launch an identical system, but ok, you have an exchange token so it makes sense to give it as much utility as possible. That’s fair enough. But this is just taking things too far…

Sound familiar?


That’s right, Binance did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago! You really couldn’t get more brazen if you tried. The countdown is on to the KuCoin decentralized exchange.

Veriblock is Veri Popular

Bittrex’s Veriblock IEO sold out in seconds, beating Binance’s record for the quickest token sale. Did you get in? Probably not, and this is why…

As you can see from the screens, this really is the Veriblock IEO. How do you fancy your chances on the next one? No, thought not.

Something Musky About Dogecoin

Elon Musk has got a lot on his plate at the moment – fighting with the SEC and burning through government money takes both time and energy – so why the crypto community continues to bug him is a mystery. However, he recently granted them an audience on April Fool’s Day by rebranding himself the CEO of Dogecoin, a crypto he called “pretty cool”.

Naturally crypto Twitter went all teenage-girl-at-their-first-concert and nearly passed out with the excitement. Just let the guy make cars and get himself kicked off the Tesla board, yeah?

Meme Watch

This week’s meme watch takes in what most of us saw Monday morning, how we felt afterwards, and why it matters.

That’s all for our weekly catch on the week’s crypto silliness. See you next week!