Trezor and Gray Team up to Launch Luxury Crypto Wallet

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Trezor, the crypto hardware wallet maker, has teamed up with mechanical artistry and design company Gray to create a luxury hardware wallet out of aerospace-grade titanium. The wallet, called the Trezor Corazon (Spanish for ‘heart’), comes in three variations – Titanium, Stealth, and Gold – and is, according to Gray, a “daring experiment in mechanical and technological artistry”.
Its looks are taken from the Pimp My Ride school of cryptocurrency wallet design, with the traditional Trezor template being given a metallic makeover and accentuated edges that make it look like something from a contemporary sci-fi film.


Living in a Material World

The wallets are made from a solid block of grade 5 titanium, the same type used in Formula 1 cars, which is then machined into the unique shape, coated and polished to offer a piece that is attractive, light, and incredibly strong. Supporting over 700 coins, the Corazon is fitted with the same technology that powers the Model T, complete with touchscreen functionality, as well as the ability to be used as a password manager and a universal second-factor (U2F) token device. But, no one who buys this wallet is doing it for how many coins it can accept. These are real statement pieces, appealing to a particular type of crypto holder. Gray is best known for their precision engineered phone and laptop cases, and their foray into the cryptocurrency world presents an interesting branching out.

How Much?!

Anyone wishing to get their hands on one of these unique devices can pre-order now, but will have to wait until April to start loading their coins onto it. Production numbers will be limited on the Gold and Stealth pieces, adding a sense of exclusivity to the design and build quality, all of which is reflected in the price: the Corazon Titanium is priced at $696, the Corazon Stealth (500 available) is priced at $996, and the Corazon Gold (100 available) is priced at $1,496.
We’re not quite in the realms of the $100,000 crypto watch here, but these risky ventures certainly add to the notion that cryptocurrency is suddenly something worth showing off.