Three 2017 Coins About to Repeat History

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • 2017 coins have been enjoying a renaissance of late
  • Coins like ETC, QTUM, and DOGE that enjoyed the 2017 bull market have been pumping again
  • What other 2017 coins should we be looking at if the trend continues?

Coins that enjoyed huge success in 2017 and earlier are enjoying something of a renaissance, with Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, and Qtum among the ‘dinosaur’ coins all seeing huge gains in recent weeks. With Ethereum still leading the way, alts are clearly still in the ascendancy, what other 2017 coins are looking good for gains in the coming weeks? We pick our top three contenders.

Litecoin (LTC)

Crypto Twitter has been going bananas over LTC’s potential in recent months, and it is starting to show reasons to believe. It has already doubled its BTC value in six weeks (which, as we previously said, is where your focus should be now) and looks set to enjoy more upside:


It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that having bottomed out at around 0.003 BTC, LTC is very likely at the start of its third parabolic rise. Of course we don’t know how high or fast it will go, but the 0.016-0.018 area looks like a good jumping off area, offering something like a 4x from here.

In the short term LTC needs to show strength in the 0.007 area to convince us that it is capable of such a move. It is currently at a resistance level that it needs to flip and turn into support before the above targets can come into play:


Stellar Lumens (XLM)

XLM hasn’t enjoyed any serious upside since December 2017, so it is overdue some love:


This chart is just begging for a couple of huge green candles to take it back to its former glories, and the chances of this happening are looking pretty good:


XLM has just this morning done what LTC needs to do and turned resistance into support, leaving it in very good stead for a further move up:


The minimum we should be looking for with XLM is a 2x, but if it gains momentum (as we know it can) a burst through 3000 sats could see it push up to 4500, giving us a 3.75x return.


Like all the 2017 coins that have pumped in recent weeks, NEO has lots of ground to make up compared to Bitcoin:


It is also pushing against the resistance that has been holding it back since early 2019. Overcome this with volume and the next levels are in play:


Reaching the top of this range would represent a 5x in BTC terms, with the potential of a blow off top at 0.013 BTC if the growth is particularly strong. There are already examples of coins that have reversed the entirety of their 2018 collapse, and NEO could be a big gainer when the money flows from the large caps into the medium-large caps.

2017 Coins Will Move Before Mid-low Caps

These three 2017 coins are looking very promising if alt season continues, and, presuming the usual alt season pattern holds true, are likely to move before the mid-low caps do. 2017 coins may have been replaced in terms of technology by newer projects, but they still pump in the right conditions, and their chart history gives us perfect entry and exit points.

So look for those support/resistance flips and hold!