This Week in Crypto – Bitcoin, X, Mossad

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This week in the crypto world we saw Bitcoiners celebrate the genesis block anniversary, more Twitter crypto scams, and Mossad ‘using’ crypto.

No, no ETF, but good things come to those who wait.

Bitcoin World Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Genesis Block

Bitcoin, like the King of England, has two birthdays. One takes place on October 31, the date the Bitcoin whitepaper was published, while the other takes place on January 3, which is the date the first Bitcoin block was created.

This week witnessed the 15th anniversary of the genesis block, which was the realization of the ambitions and principles laid out in the whitepaper. This is why some argue it is more important than the date the whitepaper was published. This week we took a look at what we know about the event and what it continues to represent to this day.

X Allowing Crypto Scam Adverts

Elon Musk’s renegade managing of X has led to reputable advertisers leaving it in droves, with the void filled by borderline porn and crypto scams. One of the more prevalent on the platform is an alleged Metamask airdrop, an event that has been enticing the crypto world for some time, and scammers are making hay while the sun sets on X’s reputation.

Metamask has been forced to deny an airdrop on a regular basis since the first such rumors in the late 2010s, and it might be forced into making the same disclaimers if the scam adverts persist.

Mossad Paid Foreign Spies in Crypto, Says Turkey

Crypto has been used to hire and buy many things in the past, from Lamborghinis to hitmen, and Turkey this week added foreign spies to the list. Authorities in the country this week arrested 34 individuals on suspicion of belonging to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service, alleging their involvement in espionage and activities against Palestinians in Turkey.

The suspects were allegedly recruited through social media job postings and paid in cryptocurrency in order to avoid being traced, although this plan has seemingly backfired after they were identified by other means. Still, one more to add to the ‘weird things people have done with crypto’ list.